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Weights & Tire Compounds
  1. Weights are taken including driver with no fuel added. Track scales will be official, no protests or appeals are allowed on their findings
  2. Weight violations are subject to complete disqualification at the discretion of the track promoters and/or officials.
Modified 2400 lbs
In line valve heads no staggered valves

Sportsman 2450 lbs
Non Ported-Steel or Aluminum Wheels2500 Ported180 heads-Steelor AluminumWheels

Spec Sportsman 2350 lbs
With aluminum wheels or steel wheels

Pro Stock 3000 lbs
Without crate motor 2800 lbs with crate motor

Pure Stock 3150 lbs

Modified and Sportsman Tires
L/F 33 no option
R/F 33 optional 38 or 44
L/R 44 no option
R/R 48 optional 50 or 53

Spec Sportsman Tires
L/F 33
R/F 38
L/R 44
R/R 48

Pro StockMust be American Racer Tires
48 & 50
Pure Stock8” American Racer Tires
70x24.5x15 SW