The Pure Stock division is for the hobby/entry level driver and is not intended to be a high dollar car division. These rules are for the safety and fairness of all in the pure stock division. All drivers must be at least 14 years old. All drivers under 18years of age must have on file at the speedway a release form signed by a parent or legal guardian. A fire extinguisher capable of putting out fuel and oil fires will be on hand in the car’s pit area (not in the car) and is mandatory. Cars are subject toinspection/re-inspection at any time during the season to ensure compliance with these rules,especially following major damage from wrecks. Tech inspectors and Track Officials reserve the right to perform an in depth technical inspection on any car theyfeel is not in compliance with these rules no matter what position the car finished in the event. Any car found not in compliance with these rules EXCEPT THOSE RULES CONCERNING THE PERSONAL SAFETY OF ANY AND ALL will be allowed to participate in that week’s event but will automatically be disqualified from receiving prize money and points for that event, and will not be eligible to participate in future events until the infractions are corrected. or easily accessible lifting cables front and rear are MANDATORY.
Stock OEM measurements for the year, make and model. No station wagons, convertibles, 4 wheel drives, or front wheel drives.
All glass must be removed. Windscreens will be fabricated from heavy steel wire screening with square opening of 1/2" to 3/4". One support bar will run from roll cage down to dash for support and screen will cover the entire original windshield opening. Window nets are mandatory and must be able to easily be opened from both inside by driver or outside by safety personnel.
Fenders and rear wheel wells may be cut away in a reasonable manner to allow for clearance; front inner wheel wells may be removed. All chrome and painted trim will be removed. No sharp or jagged edges and no rear view mirrors. All holes (machined, cut or rust) will be covered and sealed in firewall, floor pans, and truck bulkhead to prevent fire and/or hot liquids from entering driver’s area especially where the fuel line passes through the truck bulkhead and firewall. Cars that do not have a bulkhead between the truck and driver’s area will have to fabricate one to isolate the two areas. The only exception will be the hole for the throttle linkage passing through the firewall. Exterior opening may be covered, (headlights, side markers, and tail light openings.)
Four retaining pins will secure the hood and four pins for the trunk lid unless original hinges are used in which case tow pins for the hood and two for the truck lid will suffice. Bumpers will be stock and ends will be covered and attached to the body sheet metal to prevent hooking.
Original stock rims will have a spot welded plate on the inside of the wheel, all wheels will be steel (no aluminum) and 1” lug nuts are required. Allfour wheels will be the same diameter and width, minimum width 7", maximum width 8", no tolerance allowed. Right front can have a 2” offset with a 2”tolerance.
American Racer, size 245 x 70 x 15
Must be welded or bolted shut, NO CHAINS accepted.
Maximum 22 gallon capacity. Cell will be centered in trunk and if trunk floor is removed will not extend below the frame rails behind the rear axle. A catch can is highly recommended. Fuel lines will be made of steel tubing or steel braided hose from fuel cell to carburetor through the center of driver’s area with a fuel shut off valve painted a bright color, located next to the driver’s seat. OEM rubber fuel hose and OEM fuel tanks are not allowed. A one-way check valvewill be installed in the vent line to prevent spillage in the event of a roll over.
Unleaded regular grade gasoline or track racing fuel allowed.
V-8 engines only. 350 General Motors, 351 Ford, 360 Chrysler carbureted engines only. No fuel injection allowed. OEM firing order as per manufacturer for all divisions EXCEPT Modified.
Stock OEM two barrel steel/cast iron intake manifold (porting and polishing is not allowed.) No aluminum manifolds. Air cleaner housing will be stock OEM; filter element may be after market washable.
Stock two-barrel carburetors only. Maximum throttle bore 1 and 11/16" and maximum venturi bore of 1 1/4" OEM replacement parts only. No speed parts. No race type carburetors. No boring or polishing of throttle or venturi bores allowed. No modification of throttle shaft, butterfly screws, or internal parts allowed. Choke plate may be removed but choke shaft must be in place.
Must be stockOEM stamped steel bowl type pumps only. Fittings are available to adapt steel braided fuel hose to them from several sources.
Radiators and engines will remain in stock location, aluminum radiators allowed, stock core size only. A catch can for the radiator overflow is mandatory.
Crankshaft will be OEM stock for the type of engine, no lightening or boring allowed. Pistons will be stock OEM cast or cast replacement, Chevy pistons will be flat top two or four valverelieftypes, no pop ups allowed. Maximum cylinder bore allowed is .30 over. Stock OEM rods, no machining allowed.
Will be stock OEM cast iron only (Vortec heads not permitted). No Bowtie, DART or Aluminum heads. Heads may not be ported and polished in any way. Head studs are not allowed. 2.Intake and exhaust valves are as followsChevrolet 194 intake/150 exhaust valve,Ford 194intake/160exhaust valve, Chrysler 188intake/160exhaust valve, No angle plugs.
Will be stock hydraulic lifter type only. Stock 480 lift and duration will be maintained. No roller cams or lifters. No solid lifters. Camshaft lift will be measured at the valve.
  1. Long slot and after market rockers are allowed as long as the stock rocker lift and duration is not affected. Rocker arm studs may be pinned.
  2. 1.5 rocker ratio, no roller tip rockers, no aluminum pulleys on water pump & crank
Only stock OEM breaker point and HEI (electronic ignition) distributors with OEM coils. No aftermarket distributors or coils permitted. Ignition and battery switches will be mounted in the center of the dash so safety personnel can easily access them from either side of the car. Indicator lights for these switches are highly recommended. Stock ignition switches in the steering column will be removed completely to prevent inadvertent locking of the steering column. No car with a column type switch will be permitted to run in any event during the season. OEM firing order as per manufacturer.
Will be of the solid rod type, no throttle cables will be allowed for any event. Dual throttle springs are mandatory.
Will be OEM cast iron. No Center Dump, Ram Horn, or Headers are allowed, no porting and polishing or internal coating allowed.
Single or dual exhaust is allowed, only stock or California turbo mufflers. Exhaust must exit behind the doors, 2 1/2" pipe outside diameter is the maximum allowed. Welding of joints is highly recommended.
Will remain in the engine compartment sealed from driver’s compartment and securely fastened to prevent contact with metal parts and damage in the event of a roll over or impacts. A batterydisconnect relay is highly recommended.
Must be maintained in a functional state to allow car to be self-starting. Any car that will not start on its own will be placed at the rear of the field no matter where handicapper places car in the starting field.
Any cage bars within 18" of driver’s body, extended arms, legs and head will be padded. The steering wheel center will also be padded.
Any cage bars within 18" of driver’s body, extended arms, legs and head will be padded. The steering wheel center will also be padded.
They are mandatory. No fiberglass seats. Seats will be securely fastened with 6 bolts, fouron the bottom and two on the back, to the frame and roll cage.
All drivers will wear a SNELL 2010approved helmet. Full face is highly recommended. Date of manufacture tag must be present inside helmet. All drivers must wear a fire suit. One piece is highly recommended. Fire retardant underwear, gloves, and racing shoes are highly recommended.
3” width safety belt and shoulder harness with 2 belts going over the shoulder and a minimum of one submarine strap with quick release type buckles are mandatory. Belts will be no older than 5 years and will be in good condition (manufacturers tag must be present) any fraying, worn stitching, or excessive stiffness due to weathering will be rejected. All belts must be securely fastened to the cage and frame.
  1. Scatter shields for manual transmissions are mandatory. Flywheel and clutch assemblies will be stock OEM. Automatic transmissions must run stock OEM torque converter and a shatter blanketis highly recommended.
  2. No stall speed converters (has to be original diameter)
  3. Automatic transmission must have a working torque converter. It must allow the car to idle in every gear and obtain a stall speed. No direct drives,ram couplers, external solenoids hollow or dummy converters. All gears must work. (auto and manual)
Drive shafts will be steel only and painted gloss white. Drive shaft loop will be made of 1/8" thickmaterial at least 2” wide, installed no more than 6" behind the front u-joint. Rear ends will be stock OEM. Stock tread width will be maintained.
Stock parts only, with the exception of aftermarket coil springs and aftermarket upper control arms (with stock dimensions). Spacers and shims will be permitted. Adjustment of camber, caster and toe in, only. Longer adjustment bolts are allowed on the right front to facilitatecamber/caster adjustment. Rear leaf springs will have the same amount of leafs per side. No gas charged or adjustable shocks of any type allowed.
Brakes will be OEM or replacement parts that meet OEM specifications. All components will function as designed and vehicle’s brakes are subject to inspection at any time for proper operation. Parking brakes are not required. Absolutely no aluminum calipers or lightweight drums or rotors will be allowed. No type of adjustable proportioning valves or similar equipment is allowed.
American Racer 70x24.5x15 SW